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Why IT?

Jobs in IT are exciting, challenging and extremely rewarding.  Working in IT no longer means you sit in an office all day long tied to a computer staring into a computer screen.  You don’t even need to be technical to work in IT.

Check out the IT Careers section of our site to see the varying range of roles in IT.


IT pays very well, we really mean it. 

Money isn't everything, but if you're looking to get into a real profession doing something you love, enjoy solving problems and want to be part of the future not the past, IT is for you. So it's certainly great that it's well paid too!

Take a look at the Trademe Salary guide to get an idea of how IT shapes up against other roles in other industries.

IT is innovation!

Across a large range of industries, IT is used to fix problems. They could be small problems like “how can I calculate something automatically” or the really big problems like predicting and preventing climate change, finding newer, effective energy sources, reducing gas emissions, protecting our water sources and many many other problems facing the world.


As we innovate and create new forms of technology to help us fix these problems the industry gets bigger.  Right now the tech sector in NZ  is in third place as an export earner behind dairying and tourism and it's slated to overtake them both if the trajectory we are on continues. 

Being in IT means you will be a part of the industry that drives change.  Do you know anyone over 80?  Ask them how life changed when electricity was first connected to their house.  Ask someone over 60, what it was like to watch TV with 2 colours (black and white)  and only 40 lines of resolution and then how much better it is today with as many as 1950 lines of resolution and millions of colours. 

Find someone over 40 and get them to tell you about life before mobile phones.  Do you know anyone over 20?  Ask them if they would go back to watching movies on VHS tape instead of Blueray or streaming...

Technology is the future

Technology had a part to play in all of these changes, and it will continue to do so in the future, our question to you now is, "Do  you want to be a part of the industry of innovation that makes those  changes, or just a user of what ever new innovative products come out?"

The fun will definitely be in the doing!

Check out the IT Careers section for some of the awesome  roles right now in IT and links for more information and pathway details